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Two questions re: definitions re: title we plan to weed (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 30 Dec 1992 06:34 UTC

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Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1992 11:23:00 EDT

First -- definitions ... How do you all distinguish between the following:
journals (eg., to your faculty we subscribe to x# of _journals_ including
newsletters, papers, annuals, and regular periodicals or, for eg., not
including indexes and abstracts);

indexes (for eg., is BIP an index, is the _Encyclopedia of Associations__
an index, is Ulrich's an index -- in the broad sense of the term?) broadly
defined and narrowly defined

        In this vein, how consistently do we define these kinds of terms
when we fill out statistical survey for accrediting bodies, for library
associations, for consortiums?  am I the only one that is totally confused
by the interface between the definition and the "real thing?"

Second, we are about to withdraw the __Handbuch der speziellen
pathologischen anatomie und histologie__ and I wondered if anyone had hear
of this reference serial published by Springer-Verlag in German and which
appears to have ceased publication in 1958.

Feel free to respond to the list or me ... if I get a lot of personal
messages I'll try to summarize for the list.

Happy New Year!
Hannah King
SUNY HSC Library at Syracuse