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Questions re. Holdings & ANSI/NISO Level 4 Birdie MacLennan 30 Mar 1993 22:09 UTC

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 13:28:29 EST
From: Susan Davis <>
Subject: Re: questions re: holdings & ANSI/NISO Level 4

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>Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 10:39:00 EST
>Subject: questions re: holdings & ANSI/NISO Level 4

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>Any thoughts about the wisdom of recording holdings using issue nos. and
>shelving bound journals by paging?  What are the ramifications to the item
>record information?  Is it non-standard to continue to use paging as the
>second-order designator?  Thanks.

Our interpretation of the standard has been to follow what's on the piece.
I do believe a lot of the sci/tech journals put the vol., issue no. and
page numbers on the cover, so you could legitimately use a three tiered
holdings statement: v.:no.:p.  etc.  If the page information is useful
to your patrons I don't see why you shouldn't continue to include it.
As long as you are consistent and clear and the patrons benefit.  I
believe we do put page numbers on the holdings record when that is the
designator for binding.  As we also do with Abstract nos. for Chem Abstracts,
for example.

Susan Davis/Head, Periodicals
State University of NY at BUffalo