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John Wiley & Sons / Sales Tax on Subscriptions Birdie MacLennan 03 Mar 1993 19:08 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 2 Mar 1993 08:58:21 CST
From:         James Mouw <mouw@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU>
Subject:      tax exempt letters

We receive requests for a copy of our tax exempt documentation on a fairly
regular basis and we keep a supply of copies ready to mail out.  It does seem
to me that Faxon would already have a copy of our documentation on file since
this situation must come up with some frequency.  To my knowledge we have not
received a copy of the Wiley request.

Bitnet:                 uclmouw@uchimvs1

Date:         Wed, 3 Mar 1993 09:33:56 EST
From:         Susan Davis <UNLSDB@UBVM.BITNET>
Subject:      Sales Tax

An interesting item showed up with our renewal reminder for Aviation
Week & Space Technology just after the posting regarding John Wiley &
Sons assessing sales tax.  We order this journal through a vendor, so
the reminder was swiftly sent to the recycle bin, but the notice
indicated that my "state now requires sales tax to be collected on all
subscriptions mailed into its jurisdiction."  I must be living in a
vacuum, I hadn't heard that the state of New York had stooped to this
tactic.  We do some strange stuff here, but so far we had avoided the
sales tax mess.  I am wondering if AW&ST inserted this notice in all
their subscriber renewals, or if they know more about the law than we
do!  If we are tax exempt, we can supply them with a copy of the
certificate of exemption and avoid paying the tax.  (Our vendor did not
charge us for tax, so we seem safe for now.)

Susan Davis/Head, Periodicals
State University of NY at Buffalo