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Call for papers: College & Undergraduate Libraries JOHNSON@STETSON.BITNET 03 Mar 1993 23:06 UTC

                   CALL FOR ARTICLES

Articles, article ideas, and column contributions are solicited
for a new journal devoted to college and undergraduate libraries.
To be published by Haworth Press, COLLEGE & UNDERGRADUATE LIBRARIES
will focus on the needs of smaller academic libraries - four
year college libraries, university undergraduate libraries, and
community or junior college libraries.  The new quarterly
provides an opportunity to look at common problems, share
solutions, provoke dialogue, and explore what is unique to
libraries serving undergraduates.  Research articles and case study
or demonstration research articles are welcome, as well as briefer
pieces on innovative ideas or practices.

Already slated are articles on information elitism, loading local
holdings on CD-ROMs, pros and cons of collecting and cataloging
textbooks, inexpensive staff development ideas, and workable
public relations programs.

Examples of other subjects on which we solicit articles are:

            Creative uses of library committees
            Helping students choose term paper topics
            Gift policies
            Grant writing for small academic libraries
            Listservs for college libraries
            Collection development without a collection development
            Library equipment - lease or buy decisions
            Departmental budget allocations

The above are only examples.  Articles and article ideas on other
relevant topics are sought.  The goal is for each issue to include at
least one article from each of these broad categories:  technical
services, public services, administration, and collections.  Each
issue will also include a question and answer column and a brief
column of "bright ideas."

To remain close to the interests and needs of its readers and to
encourage first-time writers, COLLEGE & UNDERGRADUATE LIBRARIES
seeks proposals rather than fully developed articles.  The
proposal should include a few sentences covering the general
subject, the reason the article is being written, and the
specific evidence supporting the main point or points of the
article.  As all articles will be reviewed by outside readers,
the proposal and/or draft of article should have the author's
name and affiliation on the cover sheet only.

Send your proposals or drafts of articles to the editor, Dr.
Alice Harrison Bahr, Director, Thomas Byrne Memorial Library,
Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL  36608.