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Re. Address for Submissions to SERIALST Birdie MacLennan 12 Mar 1993 03:34 UTC

I am posting my reply to Gene to the list, in the event that other
contributors to SERIALST may be wondering about the apparent discrepancy
of address information.   -- Birdie

On Thu, 11 Mar 93 09:24 CST Gene Dewey <> said:

>A message I sent last evening for SERIALST to SERIALST@UVMVM.BITNET was
>submitted to the list editor at SEREDIT@UVMVM.BITNET, per an email from the
>LISTSERV@UVMVM: "Your mailing for SERIALST has been submitted to the list
>I am confused.  Is it correct to send such message to SERIALST@UVMVM.BITNET
>rather than directly to SEREDIT@UVMVM.BITNET?  Your email of 4 Feb 93,
>SERIALST SCOPE & PURPOSE, says that messages should be sent to SERIALST.

All incoming SERIALST mail is routed to the LISTSERV, SEREDIT, which
was established when SERIALST became a moderated forum in Nov. 1991.

SEREDIT is essentially a private listserv that was set up so that SERIALST's
multiple editors (Marcia Tuttle, Ann Ercelawn, and myself) could have the
option of reviewing incoming messages before posting them to the list.
SEREDIT essentially works in conjunction with SERIALST, in that it allows
the editors to screen mail simultaneously (or to collect messages for
posting in a digest format when several replies are sent on the same topic).
After the editors review the mail, through SEREDIT, it is then posted to
the entire list.

You can actually send MAIL (only) to either SERIALST or SEREDIT.  All
incoming SERIALST mail (except for that of the editors) gets routed through
SEREDIT.  **However, PLEASE do NOT  -- repeat do NOT -- send subscription
requests or requests to change mail options, etc. through SEREDIT or
for SEREDIT.**  SEREDIT's sole purpose is to help us (as multiple editors
in local and remote geographical locations) manage the list and moderate
the flow of messages.

We encourage people to send mail directly to: SERIALST@UVMVM.UVM.EDU.
The SEREDIT address will also work, although we have not encouraged
use of this address because of the potential confusion for receiving
subscription, or other mail option requests that are not appropriate
to the editors' list.

So, once again, for optimum results, send your messages directly to

Thanks for your interest and cooperation.

    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator    bmaclenn@uvmvm.bitnet
    University of Vermont