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Physical Review, Journal Splits, & Price Increases Carolyne_Sidey.XRCC@XEROX.COM 13 Mar 1993 01:33 UTC

We had the same problem as the Librarian in Japan.  Perhaps it is because we
are not in the US either.  Anyway, our journal vendor Canebsco (the Canadian
version of Ebsco) finally found a price and an explanation for us.

The A section split into A and E
Subscribers will continue to get A for what they already paid
Two issues of E were sent free then they will bill you for the rest of the year
unless you specifically cancel E.
The prices quoted to us were            A - $890.00 US
                                        E - $$730.00 US

We do not want A any longer, the information we need is now in E.  We were
never given a choice, A or E, or told about the split until it happened.  Even
Canebsco had to make a few calls to get the prices.

And while we are on the subject of splitting journals with extra price
increases, can anyone out there afford to keep their subscription to Molecular
Crystals and Liquid Crystals.  It was approx. $5000 for the year, then this
year it split into 4 parts and they wanted  $14,490 for all parts ($9,200 for
academic libraries).
        A-$996 / vol ( 13 vol in 1993)
        B-$640 / vol (2 vol in 1993)
        C-$490 / vol (1 vol in 1993)
        D- no price set

Carolyne Sidey
Manager, Technical Information Centre
Xerox Research Centre of Canada