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questions re: holdings & ANSI/NISO Level 4 (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 19 Mar 1993 14:55 UTC

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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 10:39:00 EST
Subject: questions re: holdings & ANSI/NISO Level 4

After our recent vhld to mhld conversion, we have been examining our
practices and, where necessary, bringing our practices up to standard for
Level 4.  As a result, we have questions that others may have insight
about.  Please respond to me directly, if there isn't general interest in
the topic.

Currently, a significant number of our science journal titles are bound
using page instead of issue numbers.  This practice seems in accord with a
scientific writers' style manual that prescribes how to cite scientific
works.  In our vhld mode, we recorded holdings as: first-order designator
(volumes) and second-order designators (page nos.).  The question we have
is whether or not to continue recording holdings in this manner if we are
attempting to do things "correctly" now?  We will continue to bind in this
manner because it seems to be the most helpful for the branch libraries.
Any thoughts about the wisdom of recording holdings using issue nos. and
shelving bound journals by paging?  What are the ramifications to the item
record information?  Is it non-standard to continue to use paging as the
second-order designator?  Thanks.

Laura Bayard CADM University Libraries
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556 (219) 631-8570