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Cataloguing Table of Contents: Summary ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 24 Mar 1993 02:08 UTC

Date: 22 Mar 1993 08:01:11 -0500
From: "Pam Morgan, HSL" <pmorgan@KEAN.UCS.MUN.CA>
Subject: Cataloguing Table of Contents: Summary

Many thanks to all those who replied to my question regarding
the cataloguing of Tables of Contents.  A few people have asked
for a summary, so I am posting it to the two lists on which I
originally asked the question.  My apologies for the delay.

Several people pointed out that the first step in cataloguing Table of
Contents would be to determine whether we wanted to catalogue the work
as a whole (i.e. the journal) or the item in hand (i.e. the Table of
contents).  Both had their good and bad points.

If cataloguing the journal, the library is left with trying
to explain to the user that only the Table of Contents is
available.  Suggestions were to use a local holdings field or
local note, stating something along the lines of: The library
has table of contents pages only for this title. Please ask at
the reference desk for interlibrary loan requests.

>From one library which is already cataloguing TOCs:
The way we do it is to catalogue the journal as usual.
For holdings we use this note: "Tables of contents for
v.x (19xx)- are with the current journals. Photocopies
of articles may be ordered at the reference desk."

Another library also cataloged their TOCs:
Our note resides only in the summary holdings field in our PAC.
We state " The Library does not currently subscribe to this
journal.  The table of contents and information for ordering
... can be found in the Current Periodicals Room"

If cataloguing the table of contents only, suggestions were to
devise a uniform title or to use a section title
(245 00 Journal title. $p Table of contents.).

Again my thanks to all who replied.  While my director has not quite
decided if we are going with this service, my recommendation for
cataloguing was:

245 00 $aJournal title $pTable of contents
090 -- $a$bLocation Code$dCurrent two years only$NTable of contents
       only: Articles may be requested through Document Delivery.
       Ask at Information Desk.
535 -- $aSubscription to Table of Contents only. Articles may be
       requested through the Library's Document Delivery service.

I feel this should make it very clear to our users what we do and
do not have. In our catalogue (Spires-based), the local note will
only display in full format while most people tend to stick with
the brief format, and therefore wouldn't see it.  Similarly only
the 245$a displays in brief format.  The holdings note displays
in all formats.