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Law Acquisitions Advice Sought (Marsha Skoman) ANN ERCELAWN 02 Sep 1993 17:06 UTC

Please reply directly to Marsha, not to SERIALST. Thanks--ed.

Date: 02 Sep 1993 10:44:25 -0500
From: Law Library Acquisitions <MARSHA@LIB.DRAKE.EDU>
Subject: Law Acquisitions Advice Sought

Message cross-posted to ACQNET and SERIALST:

I am new to law library acquisitions.  I have serials experience in an
academic library, but law and legal materials are virtually new to me.
If anyone can spare a few minutes to message me, I would like to know
what three things (in your opinion) I need to be most concerned about.
Or, if you'd rather, share three pieces of your best advice.

Thank you very much!


\@_  Marsha Skoman, Acquisitions Librarian   /
/    Opperman Law Library, Drake University  /  Des Moines, Iowa