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Union listing duties ELEANOR COOK 29 Sep 1993 21:10 UTC

Please respond to me, not to the list - thanks.

We have started doing union list updating on OCLC. I would like to
know to what level of staff libraries assign this duty. I realize that
there may not be a clear-cut answer - there may be different levels of
complexity involved and the duties may be divided, etc. Also, I know
we all call paraprofessional staff by different titles. That's OK.
Please share whatever you wish. If I have more questions, I can get
back with you.

Thanks very much,
Eleanor I. Cook                   704-262-2786 (wrk)
Serials Librarian                 704-262-3001 (fax)
Belk Library
Appalachian State University     cookei@appstate             (Bitnet)
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