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Automated Acquisitions and Auditing (Rosann Bazirjian) Birdie MacLennan 30 Sep 1993 17:50 UTC

Date:         Thu, 30 Sep 1993 08:31:17 EST
From:         Rosann Bazirjian <RVBAZIRJ@HAWK.SYR.EDU>

I am Chair of the Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems
Discussion Group, and along with Jeri Van Goethem, am preparing a
possible topic for Midwinter ALA.

The topic I have in mind is: "Accommodating Auditing Requirements in
the Automated Acquisitions Environment".

Libraries working with an automated acquisitions system have had to
alter their procedures in order to satisfy auditors' requirements,
but yet still operate effectively. This is especially true as we move
to paperless departments. What arrangements have been worked out, and
what practices have been instituted--as they relate to automated
acquisitions and auditing?

If anyone feels they can relate to this issue, and may be able to
share what they are doing with others, please contact me at:

Rosann Bazirjian
Head, Bibliographic Services Department
Syracuse University Library
phone: (315) 443-2977
fax: (315) 443-9510