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212 field (Thomas Sanders) ANN ERCELAWN 08 Sep 1993 14:41 UTC

Date: 08 Sep 1993 08:48:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: 212

This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if the abbreviated title
available on the MARC record is the same as the one used in citing the journal
in indexing services?  (I was about to run a project to compare a few hundred
of these but decided to ask first.)  The problem is that the reference depts.,
especially SciTech, get many requests from library users needing to interpret
citations and find the correct journal.  It would simplify things if the users
could just search the citation abbreviation online.  Obviously it would save us
a lot of labor if we could start by indexing an existing field and just add
fields to the records that don't have them.  But can we trust the abbreviations
to match?

Thomas Sanders, Serials, Auburn University, AL (tsanders@auducvax)