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TWU Library Newsletter ANN ERCELAWN 09 Sep 1993 21:57 UTC

Date: 09 Sep 1993 12:53:17 -0400 (EDT)

The Texas Woman's University Library has revived its newsletter DATA ENTRIES
and has made it available in electronic form through free subscription over
the Internet.

DATA ENTRIES covers events at the Mary Evelyn Blagg-Huey Library in
Denton, Texas, as well as developments in public services and the Woman's
Collection (see below for more information about TWU's several special

To subscribe to the quarterly newsletter, simply send a note requesting a
subscription to one of the following addresses:

                            s_natale@twu (BITNet)


                            TWU Woman's Collection

Perhaps it's not surprising that Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas,
has a "woman's" collection in the library, but the fact that this collection
is among the finest in the nation may be a surprise to many.  Begun in 1932 at
the behest of one of the university's presidents, biographies of significant
women were collected to serve as role models for the students at Texas State
College for Women, later to be called Texas Woman's University.

Today, the Woman's Collection, housed at the Mary Evelyn Blagg-Huey Library on
the TWU campus, contains more than 42,000 books and periodicals, 2500 feet of
manuscript and archival records, and approximately 20,000 photographs.  In
addition, the library acquires many of the large microfilm editions of
manuscripts and printed collections published by other libraries and boasts a
woman's clothing and textile collection.

The historical manuscripts include the personal papers of Hermine Tobolowsky,
the "Mother of the Texas Equal Legal Rights Amendment," Sarah Weddington (Roe
v. Wade), and authors Claire Myers Owens, LaVerne Harrel Clark, and Edith
Deen.  In addition, the library has collected the records of significant
women's organizations such as the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, The Texas
Federation of Business and Professional Women, the American Association of
University Women (Texas), and the Texas state archives of Delta Kappa Gamma.
In addition, to add to its growing collection on women in the military, TWU
acquired the records of the WASP, Inc., the veterans organization for the
Women's Airforce Service Pilots who flew during World War II.

The Cookbook and Menu Collection has become one of the major collections in the
world since the acquisition of the Julie Benell Cookbook Collection and the
greater portion of the Cookery and Gastronomy Library of Mrs. Thomas M. Scruggs
and Margaret Cook.  The entire collection numbers approximately 12,000

TWU, the largest university primarly for women in the U.S, has approximately
10,000 students and is located 35 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth
metroplex.  The Library houses more than three-quarters of a million items.
For questions about the Woman's Collection, contact Dawn Letson
817-898-3754 or at (Internet).


To access the Texas Woman's University Library Collections via Internet:


2. At the USERNAME: prompt enter IRIS

3. At the login: prompt press ENTER

4. At the ONLINE CATALOG Menu enter 1

To exit enter E from the Main Menu, then enter 3