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quotas/statistics for serials cat Mitch Turitz 14 Sep 1993 17:45 UTC

   Congradulations on you new position!

regarding your controversial question on quotas:

  I have the following "guidelines" (but not "quotas"):

  Retrospective conversion of serials:
  1 title per hour (fastest is less then 5 minutes) (IF CALL NUMBER AND

  Retrospective/original creation of serial (online) check-in record:
  1 title per hour (fastest creation is 1 in 10 minutes)
     Maintenance of check-in record (title change, frequency change, etc):
  2 titles per hour (fastest is 1 in 5 minutes)

  Original cataloging: (VARIES GREATLY):
  1 title per hour (fastest is 15 minutes - INCLUDING CALL NUMBER AND

  Union list:
   creation:  1 title/5 minutes (fastest is approximately 1 minute)
   maintenance:  1 title/5 minute (fastest is approx. 1 minute)

   Title changes:
   If copy-cataloging for new title: 2 changes in 1 hr (INCLUDING
maintenance of old linked title)

Generally:  the total number cataloged should be equal to the number of
titles coming into the catalog dept.  As long as the backlog does not
increase that should be a good guideline for the "goal" of cataloging.

   I wish to emphasize that the above are my personal guidelines and do
not reflect the policy of ANY institution that I am aware of.  I am giving
you the above numbers in what I consider a "reasonable" number of titles
that can be cataloged in my situation.  Also remember that as faculty, we
do not sit and catalog all day long, but also have other responsibilities.
I would also like to emphasize that no one should be required to sit more
then 4 hours a day at a terminal.  Personally, I think the health hazards
are just becoming known now about the long-range effects of such practices.

-- Mitch

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