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Successive entry vs. latest entry Jennifer L. Edwards 14 Sep 1993 22:15 UTC

Successive entry vs. latest entry

I am interested in your opinions about Succesive entry vs. latest
entry for serials. At K.State we have a policy (written into our
Dept. manual) that we follow current national practice of using
succesive entry.  However, our Associate Dean, playing "Devil's
Advocate", is suggesting that we switch to Latest entry.

I realize that there are pros and cons for each type of cataloging.
For instance, successive entries require more cataloging time and
expense as well as confusing patrons with multiple records.  In
this day of online catalogs and keyword searching, having all the
information in one record may be better, even though this way also
requires recataloging (updating the record with the latest title
and/or corporate body, and adding historical notes to reflect the older

Do you have other pros and cons?  Are any of you also reconsidering
this area? (As a fairly new Serials Cataloger (9 mo.) I am not
familiar with the history of this topic)

Please e-mail me directly.  I'd be happy to summarize for the list.


Jennifer L. Edwards
Original Serials Cataloger
Farrell Libraries
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS  66506 or jennife@ksuvm.bitnet