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Re: Incorrect frequency Nancy Birkrem (16 Sep 1993 20:38 UTC)

Re: Incorrect frequency Nancy Birkrem 16 Sep 1993 20:38 UTC

 I am responding only to the simplest part of this question.  That is the
common misunderstanding of the difference between "Biannual" and "Biennial."
The former, used by Haworth, means twice a year as is apparently what is
the actual situtation.  The latter and more frequently encountered term,
means every two years.

 As to the explanatory message from Haworth-- what -can- one say about such
a mess.

Nancy Birkrem
Serials Cataloguing Librarian
Mt. Holyoke College

On Wed, 15 Sep 1993, Steve Savage wrote:

> ... The "Journal of Professional Services Marketing" says it is published
> biannually.  Consequently, the bib record in OCLC says that, and therefore
> our check-in cards do, too.   Well....we have two issues checked in for
> each year since 1990 (v. 6). Sounds simple enough, until.....