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Copying Contents Pages Rosemary Valero 17 Sep 1993 13:02 UTC

In response to Elisha Chiwaree:

At the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, we have what we call a Current Awareness
Program through which we provide Photocopies of selected journal titles content
pages to faculty departments.  This is not only new journals, but all journals
within a subject area. We provide the liaison from each department a listing
of all journals we carry in their subject area and they are allowed to select
a percentage of titles to be placed on their current awareness list.  We
exclude daily and weekly publications from this service, because the amount of
time spent photcopying would be too great. Faculty review their list of
selections every year and they can change their selections at that time.  This
allows new titles to be added.  They can also select titles outside their
subject area to receive,as long as they keep to the number of titles allowed by
the percentage.

Titles selected are marked in their check in records for the department that
wishes to receive the contents page.  A removable note is placed on the table
of contents page and photocopies are made on a daily basis after check in.
Once a week, all copies are mailed to the departments.

The amount of time spent would depend on the number of titles you allow
each department to select for the program.

We have a journal collection of about 2000 title we currently receive and
each department is allowed to select 45% of the titles in their subject area
for the Current Awareness Program.  It takes virtually no extra time for the
person doing check in to flag the journals with the appropriate department
label and separate them for photocopying.  A different person then does the
copies.  I estimate he spends at the most 1/2 hr a day photocopying
and batching the copies by department and then on Friday at most it takes
about 1/2 hour to place the copies in envelopes for the various departments
We have preprinted labels for each department for mailing,  this saves time.

I hope the details I have given you about our program are of some help to you.
If you have any further questions,  please feel free to query me directly.

Rosemary G. Valero
Library-Serials Dept
Univ. of Texas at San Antonio