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Re: Successive vs. Latest Entry Cataloging Vikki Medaglia 20 Sep 1993 15:12 UTC

Enrique Gildemeister brings up a salient issue in the successive v. latest
entry debate: Union lists.  Some of the contributors to the Maine Union
List (MULS) use latest entry, though most use successive entry.  Last
spring, the MULS Policy Committee decided to convert latest entry records
to successive entry.  Among our reasons: eliminate confusing multiple
records, establish uniformity and conform to LC practise.  Although we
felt latest-entry cataloging works better online, we decided we don't have
the resources to re-do most of our records.  We hope, if we wait long
enough, we'll be able to run a program to "flip" records, anyway!

My question: if consensus is that latest-entry is more appropriate to the
emerging electronic environment, what is the best way to
initiate/incorporate/inspire change at the network level (eg. OCLC
contributing libraries)?  Are there ways Serialists can be proactive?

Vikki Medaglia (
Serials Librarian
Bates College
Lewiston, ME