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Automation Query E-MAIL....BURN A WIRE, NOT A TREE 20 Sep 1993 20:25 UTC

Please reply to Carol Enns; not to SERIALST.  Thanks. --ed.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Hello from the Canadian Agriculture Library at Brandon Manitoba, Canada.

What's the best serials automation package out there for a small
specialized one-person library like this one?
Inmagic's Library File? (which gives much more than serials management)
FAXONs package?  (I do use FAXON as my agent)
I really need input from the experts, that's why I'm posting this to

All suggestions, comments, advice, bouquets or bricks will be much

Carol Enns, Librarian
Canadian Agriculture Library
Agriculture Canada Research Station
Brandon, Manitoba
Canada    R7A 5Y3