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Let publishers know what you think Eric Bryant 21 Sep 1993 23:44 UTC

Please reply to Eric Bryant; not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.

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I edit the column of magazine reviews in _Library Journal_ and am
currently writing an article for publishers of consumer and trade
magazines on getting their magazines into libraries. This is a chance for
you to let publishers know what serials librarians needs and wants are.

I would specifically appreciate ANY and ALL thoughts or feelings you may
have on directmail addressed incorrectly, advertisements in places you
don't expect, just anything about how to best reach you people working in
serials aquisition and management. What would an ideal ad/direct mail piece
have in it? How much does pricing play a roll?  What are your pet peeves?

Please send responses to me personally at the address below.

Thanks for all replies!!

Eric Bryant   
212-228-2263 or 212-463-6823 (voice);
212-463-6734 (fax)