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Automated serials management questions Barb Heise 23 Sep 1993 15:32 UTC

Please reply to Barb Heise; not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.

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Our library is planning to purchase a software program to automate our
serials management.  We would like to obtain a program which would provide
the following features:

    1.  check-in of magazines
    2.  listing of past-due issues for claiming
    3.  listing of magazines by subscription expiration dates
    4.  searching by vendor
    5.  listing of holdings and current subscriptions
    6.  linking of title changes
    7.  bindery information
    8.  break down of costs by date

We would also like to have capabilities for routing of TOC's and listing
periodicals by subject areas, but these features could be sacrificed for
price.  We are currently considering the TLC Serials Module by On Point,
Inc. If your library uses this program, I would appreciate information
regarding what features you use and how you rate the program.  I would
also appreciate receiving information about any other programs which might
meet our needs.  We are a community college library with a current serials
collection of about 400 titles. We are trying to find a program in the $
500.00 price range.  The program should be compatible for IBM PCs.

Please respond to:
Barbara Heise
Periodicals Librarian
Illinois Valley Community College