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IEEE Possible Assistance Peter Graham 23 Sep 1993 23:15 UTC

Please reply directly to Peter Graham; not to SERIALST (which, as he
notes below, he does *not* subscribe to).  Thanks.  --ed.

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From: Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries <>

For some time I've understood IEEE conference proceedings to be a bugbear for
cataloging and public service people because of the variations in headings,
imprecise title pages, inconsistencies in title in the same piece, etc.

As a result of an IEEE electronic publishing workshop I was at this past
weekend, I have the ear of their central publishing management.  They are
convening an important IEEE committee that coordinates conference proceedings
publishings in the very near future; I have gained a promise of access to
that agenda.

I would like to be in touch with:
a) anyone who has had contact with IEEE on this issue before;
b) anyone on a relevant ALA committee (ACRL STS? an ALCTS group?) which might
be a relevant liaison group to work with IEEE over time (the IEEE management
is very favorable to this).
c) anyone who believes they already are formally working on this issue and wd
be appropriate to involve in these discussions.

At the moment I'm not asking for examples and general discourse (but don't
let that inhibit you); the responses I'm asking for should come to me
directly and I will summarize progress for the group (of which I am *not*
a member).  Thank you; I hope this can help.  --pg

Peter Graham   Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903 (908)932-5908; fax (908)932-5888