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NOTIS/Tape Loading LDR's Steve Savage 24 Sep 1993 02:21 UTC

This is being posted to USNPLIST, NOTISSER and SERIALST. Please
excuse the duplication.

Has any library had experience with loading a tape of OCLC newspaper
LDR's to their local NOTIS database?  We would like to do that, but
have some questions we were hoping others might be able to help us with.

If you have done this, which loader program did you use?  If you bought
the loader program, from who and how much did it cost?  How long ago was it?
If local staff wrote the loader program, would you loan or sell it (if so,
who do we contact about it?)

Was it designed to load the ldr's as VHLD or MHLD records?  If they were
loaded as VHLD records, did a later machine conversion to MHLD records work
okay, when you changed releases of NOTIS that changed the VHLD's to MHLD's?

Any information anyone could offer would be helpful and appreciated.

Steve Savage
University of Kentucky Libraries