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OCLC export for e-text records Crystal_Graham%UCSDLIBRARY.UCSD.EDU@SDSC.BITNET 27 Sep 1993 11:43 UTC

With regard to the recent messages about whether one must add a holdings
symbol to OCLC for materials which are not available for interlibrary
lending, I am happy to report that OCLC does NOT require that you do so.

In a workflow I proposed here at UCSD, I included the step of adding the
symbol and then immediately cancelling it, believing that we had an
ethical/contractual obligation to incur the FTU.  Bruce Miller, our AUL-Tech
Services questioned whether this was necessary and contacted Glen Patton at
OCLC who assured us we need not do that.  Below is the text of Bruce's message
to me reporting that conversation.

Crystal Graham
Serials Cataloging Section Head
University of California, San Diego

I have verified with Glen Patton at OCLC that there is no problem with relying
solely on export to capture records for ROGER (UCSD's OPAC) but for which we
do not wish to have our holding code displayed on the OCLC OLUC.  The question
stemmed from the proposed workflow to generate bib records in ROGER for
electronic texts that are not located at UCSD.  Our concern was that we would
deprive OCLC of legitimate income if we did not incur an update charge for
the records from OCLC that we use in our local catalog, and we certainly
do not want to update and then delete holdings when a simple export would

Glen reassured me that the pricing structure takes such use into account.
A simple way to rationalize the current pricing is that the setting of a
holdings code generates a charge that can be linked to potential ILL usage.

Bottom line: we can keep our workflow simple and should use export without an
update for these bib records.  We should continue the processes that set our
holdings codes for other items.