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Consolidated Shipment Marie Cousineau 27 Sep 1993 11:55 UTC

Here at the University of Ottawa we are presently evaluating our
library structure. One of the units being studied is our serials
reception section. We are looking for any input on consolidated
shipment. Any comments and / or recommendations would be appreciated.

We are interested in libraries that have such a program and are
willing to share their experiences.

We are also interested in those that have decline to participate in
such a program.

Please reply directly to:

Marie Cousineau
Serials Coordinator
University of Ottawa
Library System
65 University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 9A5

Phone: (613) 564-6898
Fax: (613) 564-7469
E-mail: Bitnet: MARIE@UOTTAWA
        Internet: MARIE@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA