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NOLPE monograph series Ian Fairclough 27 Sep 1993 23:49 UTC

Dear SERIALST subscribers,

If your library has a subscription to the above series, I'd appreciate
hearing how you handle it.  This is the situation:

1.  We have a standing order, not a subscription.  Items are received
together with an invoice labelled "monograph standing order."  That is,
each issue is separately billed.  We check each issue in as we do our

2.  The series statement, "NOLPE monograph series," often with a
volume number, is given on several issues (on the cover of the last
few, which I have seen).  Some, however, have no volume number.

3.   Recently a couple were issued with the series statement,
"NOLPE monograph/book series."

4.   One of these was used as the "source data found" (field 670)
of an authority record, containing "no 93022447" in field 010.

5.  No authority record is available for "NOLPE monograph series."

6.   Several publications received on the same standing order do not
have any series statement at all.

Those are the facts.  Given the ongoing debate over earliest/latest/
successive entry, one might expect a variety of treatments of this
sort of situation!  Has anyone worked out a policy for this specific
series, or for situations like it?  Does your library's policy on
earliest/latest/successive entry apply to series of this type?
If a title is received on a standing order that supplies works that
usually bear a series title but the one received doesn't, would you
include a series added entry in the record?

Please reply to me or to the list.  I'd prefer the list, because I'd
like to see discussion of this subject.  By the way, I did
an LDBASE search of the SERIALST archives, but didn't
retrieve anything.

Speaking only for myself, I remain

Ian Fairclough
Head of Cataloging
Noel Memorial Library
LSU in Shreveport
Shreveport LA 71115
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