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NOLPE monographic series (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 28 Sep 1993 17:14 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 28 Sep 1993 09:56:50 CDT
From:         Ian Fairclough <SHFAIR@LSUVM.BITNET>
Subject:      More on the NOLPE monograph series

Thank you, Ann Ercelawn, for a thorough answer in general terms
to the questions I posed yesterday.  I have now done an LDBASE
search -- actually, two of them -- on "numbered series" and
"unnumbered series," which has revealed that plenty has already
been said in this general area!

I would still like to hear from anyone who has handled this specific
series.  I should clarify that each title is separately cataloged.
"NOLPE Monograph/Book series" is found on no. 45.  Not all titles
are numbered.  Some works received on the same standing order lack
a series title; of these, one in particular, called "The principal's
legal handbook," does not seem to belong in the series, but others do.
(If the "Worst serial title" people are listening in, I think you may
have a candidate here.)  What did you do in your library?

Speaking once again, only for myself, etc.,

Ian Fairclough
Head of Cataloging
LSU in Shreveport
BITNET: shfair@lsuvm
Date:         Tue, 28 Sep 1993 09:05:00 PDT
From:         Louise Ratliff <ECZ5LR2@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
Subject:      Re: NOLPE monograph series

Dear Ian,

I am a serials cataloger at UCLA and have had occasion to look at
some of the NOLPE publications.  True, they are _not_ consistent!

In our automated system, ORION, we do _not_ create a bibliographic
record for a series if the individual volumes receive separate
cataloging.  The only record we keep for the series is the one used
for check-in and payment information.  Each volume that is cataloged
as a monograph has its own record.  If a volume contains a series
statement, then we put a series in the 440 or 830; if it does not
have a series statement, then there is none put into the monographic

The payment record for the series usually serves the function of
a series authority record, but it doesn't necessarily have to, since
some of our payment records are pretty old and the form of the
series may have changed over time.  We always check on OCLC for a
series authority record, and if there is one, that is what goes into the
monographic record as the added entry.

If an established series has a variant (I think the one you cite
falls into this category), I would be tempted to make an added entry on
my payment record for the variant series statement, and use the
"established" form of the series as an 830 in the monograph.
I would do this because I suspect the differences in the series
statements are due more to the publisher's inconsistency than an
intention to have separate series.

Thus, you would have:
    245  NOLPE monograph title
    490  NOLPE series statement on the volume (not the established one)
    830  Your established NOLPE series statement (I would choose the
         one represented by the authority record, since the future is
         longer than the past).

Just my humble opinion!

Louise Ratliff, Serials Cataloger
Cataloging Department             ECZ5LMR@UCLAMVS.BITNET
UCLA - URL A1538        
405 Hilgard Ave.                  (310) 825-1936
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1575        FAX (310) 206-4974