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Full text titles and Union Lists Johanna Bowen 28 Sep 1993 20:57 UTC

The use of Union Listing on OCLC to provide offline control tools for libraries
does dictate the inclusion of CD-ROM database titles.  This does not pose a
problem from a bibliographic perspective.  There are problems if a library then
refuses to print the article and mail it out as a response to an ILL request.
I dont know enough about the topic. Is it a violation of your contract with UMI
to send out the printout?   It seems clear to me that ethically speaking if you
have your holdings in a Union List (used primarily for resource sharing) you
are obligated to in fact share those resources.  Participants cannot begin to
guess which libraries have a given title in the form of full text articles on a
CD-ROM data base.  In my library, we have thus far resisted the urge to either
Union List or download records for the items on CD-ROM databases.

Johanna Bowen