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Consolidated shipments revisited Marie Cousineau 28 Sep 1993 23:01 UTC

Please reply to Marie Cousineau; not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.


My question on consolidated shipment was too general, sorry.
What I am looking for is any information, comments and or
experiences from libraries that have a program with a vendor or
vendors that include services such as reshipment and custom
control. I am also interested in libraries that
are provided with a check-in record that will reflect not only the
holdings but also the claims.
I am aware that some consolidated shipments can include the placing
of the call number on each issue, the tattle tapes etc... so
that the issue is shelf ready.

Since we are presently studing the whole workflow we are looking for
ways to eliminate certain task but also looking at what can be
done outside of the library.
Consolidated shipment seems to fit the bill, but I am not sure
therefore help.

Marie Cousineau
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Univ. of Ottawa

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