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Publishers' Catalogues now on Gopher Peter Scott U Sask Library Systems Dept 03 Oct 1993 20:21 UTC

I have set up a directory in the Gopher for accessing catalogues from
various publishers. I will add new sites on a continuing basis.

At your local prompt enter:   gopher

then follow this trail:

      5.  Library/
        7.  Useful Non-U of S Library Information/
          14. Publishers' Catalogues/
                          Publishers' Catalogues

      1.   Services to Libraries and Publishers (Library of Congress)/
      2.  (Canada) Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd. 1993/94 Online Catalogue/
      3.  (Canada) University of British Columbia Press/
      4.  (UK) Edinburgh University Press <TEL>
      5.  (USA) Addison-Wesley/
      6.  (USA) Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation/
      7.  (USA) Harvard University Press <TEL>
      8.  (USA) Johns Hopkins University Press/
      9.  (USA) Lehigh University Press/
      10. (USA) MIT Press/
      11. (USA) Meckler Publishing Company/
      12. (USA) O'Reilly & Associates (computer book publisher)/
      13. (USA) Prentice-Hall/
      14. (USA) Princeton University Press/
      15. (USA) Rutgers University Press/
      16. (USA) SUNY Press/
      17. (USA) University of Arizona Press/
      18. (USA) University of Chicago Press/
 -->  19. (USA) University of Illinois Press/
      20. (USA) University of Minnesota Press/
      21. (USA) University of Nebraska Press <TEL>
      22. About this directory.

Bookmark link:

Name=Publishers' Catalogues
Path=1/Library/Useful Non-U of S Library Information/Publishers' Catalogues

If you know of any other Publisher services accessible via gopher or
telnet please let me know.

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