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Indexing the 210 COULTHARD@COBRA.UNI.EDU 04 Oct 1993 16:14 UTC

Recently there has been a little discussion involving indexing the 210
abbreviated title.  Are there libraries who chose to index this field on their
local system as a 210 (not reinput as a 246 or other added title entry)?  What
repercussions have there been as a result of the indexing?  Do patrons find it
helpful?  Any information would be helpful as we are beginning a debate on
whether or not to provide access to this field.  To provide access would
require re-indexing at considerable expense or re-inputting the fields on a
record-by-record basis.

Please respond to me or to the list.

Paula Coulthard
Rod Library, UNI
Cedar Falls, IA  50613