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Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Award Anne Gordon 05 Oct 1993 15:05 UTC


Each year the ALCTS SS Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Committee
solicits nominations for its serial title change awards.  Nominations
are being sought for the 1994 awards to be presented in Miami at the
ALA Annual Convention.

Award criteria includes:
Frivolous title change for no apparent reason; unnecessary change of an
old, respected title; repeated changes; and the Snake in the Grass" or
"Et tu, Brute?" category for library publications.  The title change
must have occured since JANUARY 1, 1993 to be considered.

Please supply complete citations for the change, including title,
number and/or date of last issue with old title; title, number and/or
date of first issue with new title; and the publisher's name and address.
Photocopies of relevant pages or cataloging printouts are useful as
verification, including historical title changes for titles changing often over

Nominations must be mailed by May 15, 1994 to:
Anne Gordon
Chair, ALCTS Worst Serial Title
Change of the Year Committee
Marquette University Libraries
1415 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Feel free to contact me by phone (414-288-3542) or email
if you have any questions.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed over the past years.  We look
forward to this year's nominations.