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1994 Esther J. Piercy Award Pamela 06 Oct 1993 13:20 UTC

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                                   October 1, 1993

Dear Colleague:

     The Piercy Award Jury of the Association for Library
Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) is seeking nominations
for the 1994 Esther J. Piercy Award.

     Esther J. Piercy was active in the Association and served
for many years as the editor of Journal of cataloging and
classification and its successor, Library resources and
technical services.  The Piercy Award was established in 1968 to
recognize a librarian with less than ten years professional
experience who has shown notable leadership qualities and the
promise of continuing contributions to the field of technical
services.  In addition to a citation, the award carries with it
a cash grant of $1,500 generously provided by Yankee Book
Peddler, Inc.

     The Award Jury hopes you will take time to reflect on the
talents and achievements of colleagues and nominate a candidate
who meets the Award criteria.  Information on the nominating
process as well as a list of previous recipients accompanies this
letter.  Please submit nominations by December 1, 1993.


                              Pamela Bluh
                              Chair, 1994 Esther J. Piercy
                              Award Jury


cc: Award Jury Members
    Linda Pletzke, Library of Congress
    Dawn Hale, Johns Hopkins University
    Wanda Dole, SUNY Stony Brook
    Jan Merrill-Oldham, University of Connecticut
    Tamara Swora, Library of Congress


The Esther J. Piercy Award is presented to a librarian with not
more than ten years of professional experience who has
demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership and the promise
of continuing contributions to the field of technical services,
including acquisitions, cataloging and classification, collection
management and development, preservation and reproduction of
library materials, and serials.

Nominations shall be evaluated according to the following

     Leadership in professional associations

     Contributions to the development, application, or
     utilization of new or improved methods, techniques and

     Contribution to the professional literature

     Research and study in technical services

     Promise for continuing contributions and leadership in
     technical services

Letters of nomination and endorsement should be sent to the
chair of the Award Jury no later than December 1, 1993 and should

     -  Name of nominee
     -  Date nominee entered first professional position
     -  Formal statement of nomination, with a brief rationale
        for the nomination
     -  The nominee's resume or narrative career outline
     -  Letters of endorsement from others in support of the

Resumes and letters of endorsement need not be submitted with the
nomination, but may be submitted under separate cover.

Nominations and supporting documentation may be submitted by
mail, fax or email to:

               Pamela Bluh
               Chair, 1994 Piercy Award Jury
               Marshall Law Library
               University of Maryland School of Law
               20 North Paca Street
               Baltimore, MD 21201

               FAX: 410-706-8354

             Esther J. Piercy Award Recipients

1969            Richard M. Dougherty
1970            John B. Corbin
1971            John Philip Immroth
1972            Carol A. Nemeyer
1973            Glen A. Zimmerman
1974            (no award)
1975            John D. Byrum, Jr.
1976            Ruth L. Tighe
1977            (no award)
1978            S. Michael Malinconico
1979            Pamela Wood Darling
1980            Nancy B. Olson
1981            Sally H. McCallum
1982            Nancy R. John
1983            Sue A. Dodd
1984            Lizbeth J. Bishoff
1985            Stephen Wiberley
1986            (no award)
1987            John K. Duke
1988            Karen Markey
1989            Lisa B. Weber
1990            Jan Merrill-Oldham
1991            Carol Pitts Hawks
1992            (no award)
1993            Barbara W. Winters