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Almqvist & Wiksell James Mouw 08 Oct 1993 01:24 UTC

For as long as anyone can remember Almqvist & Wiksell (AW) has been the
vendor of choice for things Swedish at the University of Chicago.

We received a letter in the mail earlier this week from an outfit called
Akademika Internasjonal Fagbokhandel (AIF) informing us that they, as the
parent company of AW, have "decided to close their subscription agency for
journals effective December 31st. 1993.  AIF does offer to take over these
subscriptions, although terms are not stated in the letter and I have never
heard of them.

The point of this message is to let anyone else who uses AW but may not have
received the letter that they will need to make other arrangements for 1994.

The second point is to ask if anyone is using Akademika Internasjonal

I'm kind of sad about all of this, we've used Almqvist for many years and
will miss them.

Jim Mouw
University of Chicago