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Re: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Christie Degener) ANN ERCELAWN 18 Oct 1993 21:26 UTC

Date: 18 Oct 1993 17:15:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christie Degener <cdegener@MED.UNC.EDU>
Subject: RE: Cellular and Molecular Biology

In response to Kathleen Thorne's questions about the two
versions of the above title, I offer our library's experience.

1)  Pergamon's version of C&MB ended with v.38, no.6 (Sept.
    1992), after which the title changed to Cellular and Molecular
    Biology Research.  Because v.38 consisted of only 6, rather
    than 8 issues, Pergamon refunded 25% of the 1992 subscription
    price.  Based on the information about the final issue
    published for this title (which came directly from Pergamon),
    we have closed out OCLC record #8769603 and added a 785 field
    for the later title (OCLC record #28366324).

2)  Prof. Wegmann's version of C&MB began with v.38, nos.5/6
    (Aug./Sept. 1992) and is ongoing.  We have followed NLM and
    OCLC practice in cataloging this with the title in a 130
    Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France)
    using OCLC record #27137595.

I've used 580/775 field combinations to describe the existence
of two simultaneous "editions" for Aug.-Sept. 1992.  As far as
binding goes, we did receive (unsolicited) both versions in
response to our one subscription, so we have bound v.32 of the
Pergamon version as C&MB, and have started a new sequence of
volumes for the Wegmann version by using the entire 130 title.
Harking back to an earlier SERIALST discussion concerning
receipt of unsolicited materials, we felt entirely justified
in keeping both versions.  We are currently receiving only
the Wegmann version for 1993; the title change from Pergamon
is going through our usual review process.

--Christie Degener, Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill