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Periodicals Collection Development (Kay MacKeever) ANN ERCELAWN 22 Oct 1993 02:25 UTC

Date: 21 Oct 1993 15:05:17 -0700
From: Kay MacKeever <LMPV005@LIB.BITNET>
Subject: Periodicals Collection Development

Please reply directly to Kay, not to SERIALST.  Thanks--ed.

Greetings Serial Group-
I am currently a graduate library student at the University of
Arizona.  I am working on an internship at one of the Maricopa
County Community Colleges.  If anyone has any information on core
periodicals for junior or community colleges, or any information
on weighting criteria for the selection and deselection of
periodicals, would you please let me know?  Any articles or
publications would be greatly appreciated.
Kay MacKeever - Paradise Valley Community College - Phoenix,AZ