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Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1993 15:25:11 +0501 (EDT)

_Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis_

SCOPE: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is an elec-
tronic journal for the publication of significant new and important
developments in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Papers of the
highest quality that deal with the analysis of algorithms for the solution
of continuous models and numerical linear algebra are appropriate for
ETNA, as are papers of similar quality that discuss implementation and
performance of such algorithms. New algorithms for current or new computer
architectures are appropriate provided that they are numerically sound.
However, the focus of the publication should be on the algorithm rather
than on the architecture. The journal is published by the Kent State
University Library in conjunction with the Institute of Computational
Mathematics at Kent State University. Mathematical Reviews will receive
all papers accepted for publication in the journal and review them as
appropriate. ETNA is registered with the Library of Congress and has ISSN

DISSEMINATION: On a quarterly basis, accepted manuscripts will be posted
in a directory which is publicly accessible through Internet. The titles
and abstract of these manuscripts will be e-mailed to registered depart-
ments and individuals and posted on public bulletin boards such as NA-
digest. An individual who wishes to obtain a copy of a current or back
manuscript can get a copy through anonymous FTP or by using a netlib-type
mailer. We also plan to install Gopher. All manuscripts will be available
in PostScript format. The first issue of ETNA will appear September 1,
1993. Funds made available by the Kent State University Library and the
Kent State University make free subscription possible for at least three
years. After this time period we may have to charge an annual fee from
institutional subscribers. Since the operating costs for the journal are
low, we envision that this fee will not be above $100 for institutional
subscribers. Everybody at the subscribing institution will have access to
ETNA by FTP, a netlib-type mailer or Gopher. In addition, articles in ETNA
can be obtained through interlibrary loan from Kent State University

To register to receive ETNA's quarterly titles and abstract lists, please
send an e-mail message to The subject of the message
should be: ETNA registration. Titles and abstracts of papers published in
ETNA will be e-mailed quarterly to the return addresses of all such
requests. Inquiries for further information should also be e-mailed to

SUBMISSION, ACCEPTANCE AND REFEREEING: Authors will normally submit papers
for publication via e-mail, and they will be required to submit their
manuscript in LaTeX or TeX using macros we provide. Requests for macros
can be sent by e-mail to All papers will be refereed.
As soon as a paper has been accepted for publication in ETNA, it will be
entered into the ETNA data base. There are no annual page limitations,
and, therefore, we are in a position to publish accepted manuscripts
faster than many other journal. Manuscripts can be submitted NOW by
sending them to the address

Current Editorial Board:

L. Reichel         Kent State University

R.S. Varga         Kent State University

A. Ruttan          Kent State University
managing editor

G.S. Ammar         Northern Illinois University
J.W. Demmel        University of California, Berkeley
J.J. Dongarra      University of Tennessee
I.S. Duff          Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
M. Eiermann        University of Karlsruhe
J.A. George        University of Waterloo
G.H. Golub         Stanford University
W.B. Gragg         Naval Postgraduate School
M.H. Gutknecht     Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

V. Mehrmann        Technical University of Chemnitz-Zwickau
D.C. Sorensen      Rice University
G.W. Stewart       University of Maryland
O.B. Widlund       New York University

                      ACCESSING ETNA

1. BECOMING A SUBSCRIBER TO ETNA. To be included in ETNA's quarterly
mailing list of the titles and abstracts of papers published in ETNA, send
an e-mail message to  with the subject "ETNA

2. ACCESSING ETNA USING GOPHER. ETNA is running a gopher server. Its
hostname is If you are running gopher on your system
the command gopher will connect you directly to ETNA.
Provided your system is suitably configured, keyword searches and the
on-line-graphical display of papers will then be available. The ETNA
directory, "viewers", contains the source files for programs that will
provide most UNIX workstations with direct-display and keyword-search
capabilities. Contact your system admistrator about installing these

3. OBTAINING AN ETNA PAPER WITH FTP. Papers can be obtained at any time
from ETNA via anonymous ftp from A paper's location
will always correspond to its reference. For instance, a paper which is
referenced as "...,Elec. Trans. Numer. Anal., Vol 1, 1993, pp. 11-35",
will be stored in the directory "vol.1.1993", and its file name will be
"". To obtain that paper using ftp

     a) ftp
     b) login as anonymous
     c) enter your e-mail address as your password
     d) cd to vol.1.1993
     e) get

To obtain only the list of titles and abstract for the papers published is
volume 1 of ETNA, proceed repeat a)-d) above but change e) to e) get index

4. OBTAINING AN ETNA PAPER VIA E-MAIL. ETNA is using a mailer program
which will scan incoming e-mail messages for requests and then e-mail the
requested file to the sender. The program was written by Eric Grosse for
netlib and modified slightly by Arden Ruttan for ETNA.

A PostScript file of any paper published in ETNA may be obtained by
sending an e-mail message to "" containing a
phrase of the form "send pagenumber from vol.number.year". For instance,
to use ETNA's mailer to obtain a paper which is referenced as "...,Elec.
Trans. Numer. Anal., Vol 1, 1993, pp. 11-35", send e-mail to
"" containing the phrase "send from

To obtain only the list of titles and abstract for the papers published in
volume 1 of ETNA, send an e-mail message to ""
containing the phrase "send index from vol.1.1993".

The requested paper will be e-mailed to you in several pieces.  The
subject of each piece of e-mail indicates the number of that piece. To
reconstruct the original file,

    a) Edit each piece deleting all lines that are not strictly between
       the two occurrence of the phrase "CUT HERE............"
       including the lines containing those phrases.
    b) Using the file containing piece 1, successively append
       the remaining pieces in order to the END of the that file.

Unix users may also use the following script which will automatically
reconstruct the orginal PostScript file.

#!/bin/sh # This is a shell script which will re-assemble the PostScript
file # mailed to you by ETNA's mailer program. To use this script
# 1) Copy this script to a file in an empty directory and name it reassm.
# 2) Save each mail message from ETNA with a unique name in the
#    directory which contains this file.
# 3) Change to that directory and execute the command
#    sh reassm
# or alternately you can
#  1) Change to a directory containing this a script in a file.
#  2) Save each mail message from ETNA with a unique name but with a common
#     prefix shared by only the ETNA files. For example, you could save
      the respective ETNA files in ff1, ff2, ...
#  3) Assuming the name of this file is reassm, execute the command
#     sh reassm ff
   echo $0
   echo $1
   ls $1* | grep -v $0 > .f$$
   for file in `cat .f$$`
   echo $file
   awk 'BEGIN{i=0};$1=="#!/bin/sh" {i=1};{if (i>0) print $0}' $file >
   /bin/sh .awk$$
   rm .f$$
   rm .awk$$

5. SUBMITTING A PAPER TO ETNA. To obtain information as to how to submit a
paper to ETNA, ftp the file "info-for-authors" which is located in the
directory "etna-info". Alternately you may send an e-mail message to
"" containing the phrase "send info-for-authors
from etna-info".

Jeff Gatten                      *   PHONE:        (216) 672-3024
Head of Collection Management    *   FAX:          (216) 672-4811
Kent State University Libraries  *
Kent, OH 44242                   *   E-MAIL: JGATTEN@LMS.KENT.EDU