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Serials Management Systems Query (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 02 Nov 1993 20:39 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 2 Nov 1993 12:00:52 -0500
From:         Floyd Ingram <fingram@CHAR.VNET.NET>
Subject:      Re: Serials Management Systems Query


I agree with Joe.  It doesn't make sense to go through the trouble of
getting a serials control system when in three years you will purchase
NOTIS.  NOTIS and many other vendors with integrated software packages
can provide that (Geac, Dynix, DRA, Sirsi, Gaylords, CARL, etc).

In the next three years, you can be working on developing your MARC
database which should include you serial holdings.  These systems have a
centralized database that can hold all your library holdings (AV,
serials, books, reserves, artifacts, maps, etc); linked databases that
handle room and equipment booking, Acquisitions accounting.

Floyd Ingram

Date:         Tue, 2 Nov 1993 12:53:13 PDT
From:         Kay Thorne <KATHLEEN@SJSUVM1.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: Serials Management Systems Query

I agree with Joe Edelen; it usually takes all those 3 years just to get
the system to where you want it and to get everyone trained on it and
happy....and then you pull the rug out from under them, and the happy
campers turn into very UNhappy campers --- in part because they learned
to like the temporary system, in part because no system ever has all
the good points of any other system in exactly the same way, and they
see the trade-offs in a more negative light than they would have had they
gone directly to NOTIS.

Of course we're with Innovative, and we love it to the exclusion of
all others, so you have our commiserations both for the 3 year wait and
for the system you're going to ....

--Kathleen Thorne, Serials Cataloger, San Jose State University