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Format Integration Status Announcement Rebecca Guenther 03 Nov 1993 20:44 UTC

Forwarding from USMARC, FYI & for those who haven't seen this elsewhere.
Looks like we will be seeing format integration in stages, beginning sometime
next year (?) -- but they still don't say when!   -- Birdie


In June 1993 the Library of Congress announced a delay in its
implementation of format integration.  Subsequent to that
announcement, a phased approach to format integration was
recommended and adopted.  The first phase of format integration
will encompass completion of the additions and changes to the
variable data fields, tags 010 through 8XX.  The 1992 edition of
_Format Integration and its Effect on the USMARC Bibliographic
Format_ (and its addendum dated September 15, 1993) contain a
listing of all the affected variable data fields.  Phase 1 is to be
completed by December 31, 1994.  Phase 2 will include changes to
the Leader and to control fields 006, 007, and 008; it is scheduled
to be completed by December 31, 1995.

Subscribers to any of the USMARC Distribution Services that contain
LC-created records can expect to begin to receive records with
integrated data as the two phases are implemented.  Notices to
subscribers will be issued at least 90 days before any of the
changes are implemented.  The new edition of USMARC Format for
Bibliographic Data will be published in 1994 and will contain the
integrated 010 through 8XX fields.  CDS will keep USMARC
subscribers informed on the progress of format integration as it

Questions regarding format integration should be directed to:

                    Network Development and MARC Standards Office
                    Library of Congress
                    Washington, DC 20540-4020
                    Phone: (202) 707-5767

                                                  October 1993