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AHA publications CL WOLFSON, please. 03 Nov 1993 21:09 UTC

This message is in response to a comment from Hannah King regarding
Amer. Hospital Assoc'n institutional vs. membership prices, and a
question about the same which Linda Rosenstein asked.

I have not looked at the publications which we have from AHA.
However, the AHA catalog (we have the 1993) does list both member
and nonmember (institutional) prices.  You can obtain the catalog at
no cost by calling AHA at 1-800-242-2626 or faxing to 312-280-6015.

Also, if your library serves a hospital, and you inform AHA of that
at the time of order, you can obtain the publications at the
membership rate.  We have done so for years.  We put a note in the
note field on the order form generated by our acquisitions system,
telling AHA that we serve the University Medical Center, and give
the page number of the latest AHA GUIDE TO THE HEALTH CARE FIELD, on
which the entry describing the University Medical Center begins.

Nonmember rates can run twice as much (or more) than the member
rates, and often are as much as 1 1/2 times as much, so if you
order very many AHA publications, it's good to get the member rate.

Hope this helps.  --Cathy

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