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Public dial-up Internet providers Mitch Turitz 07 Nov 1993 16:57 UTC

This message is cross-posted to AUTOCAT and SERIALST, please excuse the
duplicate postings. -- Mitch

Below is a description of a new file I have.  It is fairly large (35K) but
I thought it might be useful to some of you, especially to those of you
who have limited quotas for Internet access and are looking for alternate
ways.  If you want a copy of the file described below, send a message to
me (TURITZ@SFSU.EDU), NOT AUTOCAT or SERIALST!  (Or, you can "Send PDIAL" to
-- Mitch


  A list of public access service providers offering dialup access to
         outgoing Internet connections such as FTP and telnet.

Copyright 1992-1993 Peter Kaminski.
May be distributed but not sold -- see notice at the end of this document.
Or, tell people to email "Send PDIAL" to "".


  -1- Summary: Providers With Wide Area Access
  -2- Summary: Area Codes For US/Canada Dialins
  -3- Summary: Phone Prefixes For International Dialins
  -4- What *Is* The Internet?
  -5- What The PDIAL Is
  -6- List of Providers
  -7- How People Can Get The PDIAL (This List)
  -8- Appendix A: Finding Public Data Network (PDN) Access Numbers
  -9- Copyright and Distribution Of The PDIAL; Other Notices


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