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Vinal cover blues Richard J. Violette 09 Nov 1993 19:08 UTC

I am cross-posting this to AUTOCAT, SERIALST, and LIS-L; please forgive

I KNOW I am going to get some chuckles and flames about this, but it IS a

We put some of our current serials in vinyl covers.  The front cover is clear,
the back is not.

Recently, some no-brainer in our library set some covers on top of the local
newspaper.  By the time that they were removed, the clear cover had the imprint
of the sports section all over it!

I've tried scrubbing.  I've tried soaking.  I've used lemon-fresh Joy, cleaning
solvent, even Spray n'Wash.  NOTHING removes the ink.  I know that photocopier
toner seems to do the same thing, as well.  Some sort of chemical bonding seems
to take place.

Since no problem is unique, it occurs to me that somewhere out there, someone
may have encountered a solution.  Since I don't have time to write either
Heloise or Earl Proulx, is there anyone who can help?  Remember, we don't want
to ruin the nice clear vinyl on the cover!

To spare the other good folks on these lists weeks of clogged mailboxes, send
the answers to me.  I will try anything and everything reasonable, and when I
discover something that works, I will share it with you all.  Just call me,
"Mr. Fixit"!

Virtually yours,

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