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Using the SISAC barcodes for checkin (Ann Nez) ANN ERCELAWN 14 Nov 1993 03:11 UTC

Date: 12 Nov 1993 08:34:31 -0800
From: Ann Nez <acnez@U.WASHINGTON.EDU>
Subject: Using the SISAC barcodes for checkin

Law Library journal now prints a SISAC barcode on the cover of
its issues (barcode that represents the ISSN, chronology and enumeration).
This has caught the interest of our library director, who wants to
encourage publishers of law review to follow suit and support this
emerging technology.

At the University of Washington Law Library we have just begun to convert
our manual checkin file to the Innovative Interfaces system.  The staff at
Innovative have told me that the feature to allow using the SISAC bar code
for checkin is still under development and has not reached the testing

We are interested in discovering whether any libraries
are either using or testing this feature with systems from other
automation vendors.

Thank you,

Ann Nez
Serials Librarian
University of Washington
Gallagher Law Library