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Re: Gordon & Breach titles (Larry Chen) Marcia Tuttle 22 Nov 1993 08:30 UTC

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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 08:41:00 WST
From: 780323 <AD30CTR0@ITRIB.ITRI.ORG.TW>
Subject: Re: Gordon & Breach titles (Mary Page)

In 1988 we subscribed FERROELECTRICS and paid USD12,013 to vendor EBSCO
Subscription services.  Our serials recorded as when vol. 86 thru v100 are
paid in 1989 subscription year and issues arrived after November 1990.  At
that time we thought EBSCO's were not capable to handled G+B very well and
we transfer 1990 to SWETS and entered 1990 subscription. Vol. 101 thru 112
were published during 1990.  We have counted only 8 issues were recorded
and four issues did not come and we planned to deduct from annual
subscription fee.  After a long negotiation with SWETS, we have paid USD
$10,363 dated march 23 1993. We did not have any guts to renew 1991
anymore, that's it.  G+B titles have cost us great monies but less titles
can arrives in punctual and delays very seriouly.  Nowadays, We have
totally subscribed two titles under STBS "POLYMER NEWS" and "BIOCATALYSIS"

Sincerely Yours,