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Reed invoices (Bob Persing) Marcia Tuttle 22 Nov 1993 08:38 UTC

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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 10:29:14 EST
From: Bob Persing <persing@POBOX.UPENN.EDU>
Subject: Reed invoices

Like most libraries, we like to receive two or three copies of each
invoice, so we have enough to file and work with, without making frequent
trips to the photocopier.  Recently, though, Reed Reference Publishers
(aka Bowker, aka Saur, etc.) has been going the extra mile:  we've been
receiving NINE copies of some of their invoices and credit memos.  I
called Reed after each of the first two, and was assured that the extra
copies must be an anomaly -- but they keep coming.  Is anybody else
getting this special treatment, or is it just us?  I hate to think of all
those trees going to waste for our sake...

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