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Another Gordon & Breach journal (Kate McCain) Marcia Tuttle 23 Nov 1993 11:49 UTC

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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1993 15:16:08 EST
From: Kate McCain <>
Subject: Another Gordon & Breach journal (Dennis Gibbons)

Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry (not to be confused with
Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry) seems to be a bad bet.  It is
listed in Ulrich's as 141 ECU per volume for 1993 with 5 vol/yr. This
adds up to roughly $792 (at $1.123/ECU).  It ranks 76/104 in "Chemistry"
66/89 in "Environmental Sciences" and "47/52 in "Toxicology" in the
1992 Journal Citation Reports for Science Citation Index, based on the
1992 Impact Factor (mean citations/published article for 1990-1991).

ETC ranks 18th in Chemistry, 3rd in Environmental Sciences, 8th in Toxicology.
Are you sure that your patron doesn't have the two confused?

Kate McCain                         "bibliometrics R us"
College of Information Studies
 Drexel University
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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1993 08:58:19 -0600
From: Dennis <>
Subject: Another Gordon & Breach journal

    One of our Geology professors has requested that the Library
    subscribe to the Gordon & Breach journal _Toxicological and
    Environmental Chemistry_.  Based on our experience with G&B, I
    would rather not do anymore business with them.  I am trying to
    persuade the professor that it would not be in our best interest to
    order this journal.  One strong argument would be the price, but,
    as you know, G&B does not publish their prices.  Does anyone out
    there subscribe to _Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry_?  If
    so, would you mind telling me how much you paid for the 1993
    subscription.  Please reply to me personally:

        BITNET    Gibbons1@TCUGVMS.BITNET

                            Dennis Gibbons
                            Collection Development Coordinator
                            Texas Christian University