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Comparative biochemistry and physiology, Parts A, B, C PAMELA SIMPSON 10 Mar 1994 17:17 UTC

           RE: Comparative biochemistry and physiology, Parts A, B, C

           NSDP may have handled Part B  in  the process of confirming ISSN
          for  the U.S. Postal Service; however, the British ISSN Center is
          responsible for Pergamon titles, and  it would be  left  to their
          judgement as  to whether or  not the change in scope warrants new
          ISSN assignments. As  I'm sure many of  you are aware, publishers
          often print  the  ISSN  of previous titles  on  new publications,
          either through oversight or  because  they  don't  view  the  new
          wording as  a title change. My guess is  that Pergamon considered
          this a  new cover design rather than  a title change and thus did
          not apply for new ISSN. I  have asked Judy to send us photocopies
          of  the relevant pages, and  we will then be able to determine if
          new records are   in order. We  will  also  fax  the British ISSN
          Center so they can decide if they wish to asign new ISSN.
           NSDP is always glad to receive surrogates showing incorrect ISSN
          for U.S. publications, and will contact publishers and assign new
          ISSN as appropriate. To get help with any ISSN problem, feel free
          to  contact Regina Reynolds, Head  of  the National Serials  Data
          Program, at, or  at the address or phone number

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