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Re: religious magazines LeeAnn Stuart 20 Mar 1994 19:51 UTC

My friend,
     You have a tough job ahead of you.  As I'm sure you know, religious
anything is not looked upon with blind faith, forgive the pun.  To
answer your question, our library subscribed to Christianity Today,
Christian Century, Commentary and Christian Science Monitor & Index.
Just bear in mind that the Christian Science Monitor is known for its
objectivity and reports the news as it is seen. Take a look at Pam
McKays article in, I believe it was "Library Quarterly" 3 to 5 years
ago. She does a marvelous job comparing the older newspaper to the
newer one describes it quite well.  As for the other titles, we
have a Protestant, Catholic and Jewish one.  Your best bet to avoid
any complaints is to have a selection policy which covers religious
materials.  You should have a balance for each of the 5 major
religions at least.  You could also take a look at an article by
Elizabeth Howard in "Collection Management for School Library Media
Centers" called "Religion Collections and School Libraries".  This is
a 1986 journal title but I can't remember which issue.
Hope some of this helps and I apologize for not answering before now.

Lee Ann Amend