NASIG Conference -- Program, pt. 2 of 2 (Diane Grover) ANN ERCELAWN 22 Mar 1994 02:12 UTC


                NASIG WORKSHOPS


Eighteen workshops will be presented in two sets of nine workshops.
Each set will be repeated.  Conference delegates will therefore be
able to choose four workshops to attend.

Set I     Friday, June 3, 2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
          Saturday, June 4, 3:45 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

#1   Rethinking the Workforce and Workplace: Alternative Ways of
     Getting the Job Done

        Hien Nguyen, Serials Cataloger, National Library of Medicine
        Kevin McShane, Head, Serials Cataloging, National Library of
        Bill Willmering, Head, Serial Records Section, National
           Library of Medicine

#2   The New World Order:  Serials Management of Electronic
     Resources and Document Delivery

        Sharon Wiles-Young, Serials Manager, Lehigh University
        Jeri Van Goethem, Head, Acquisitions/Serials Department, Duke

#3   Negotiating Contracts for Electronic Resources

        Anne Caputo, Manager, Academic Programs, Dialog Information
        Trisha Davis, Head, Continuation Acquisition Division, Ohio
           State University
        William Kara, Acquisitions Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library,
           Cornell University

#4   "Keep them Doggies Rollin'," or, Using Series Authority
     Records to Improve Cataloging and Processing Workflow

        Beverley Geer-Butler, Head Cataloger, Maddux Library, Trinity
        Beatrice McKay, Serials Cataloger, Maddux Library, Trinity

#5   To Be Continued? or, The Birth of a Series
        Rita VanAssche Bueter, Manager, Collection Development &
           Standing Order Services, Blackwell North America
        Vivian Buell, Librarian-at-Large (formerly Manager, Approval
           Programs, Ballen Booksellers)

#6   Integrating Documents Processing into Traditional Technical

        Susan Davis, Head, Periodicals, State University of New York
           at Buffalo
        Deanna Iltis, Cataloging Coordinator, Oregon State University

#7  Ethics in Action:  The Vendors' Perspective

        Mary Devlin, Regional Sales Manager, The Faxon Company

#8   Cost Accounting for the Serials Librarian:  Making Financial
     Decisions in Tight Times

        Wil Harri, Periodicals Librarian, Moorhead State University

#9   Serialists on the Front Line;  New Opportunities for Serials
     Professionals in Reference and User Education

        Blaine E. Knupp, Serials Librarian, Indiana University of
        Diane Grover, Serials Control Project Manager, University of

Set II    Friday, June 3, 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
          Sunday, June 5, 8:45 a.m.-10:15 a.m.

#10  Who Needs to Know What?:  Essential Communication for
     Automation Implementation and Effective Reorganization

        Cynthia M. Coulter, Head, Acquisitions Department, University
           of Northern Iowa

        Lola Halpin, Serials Unit Supervisor, Emory University

#11  Document Delivery:  Staffing, Technology and Budgeting

        Anthony W. Ferguson, Associate University Librarian, Columbia
        Margaret Price, Head, Document Supply and Delivery Centre,
           Life Sciences Library, University of British Columbia

#12  Methods for Collecting, Processing, and Providing Access to
     Electronic Serials

        Eric Lease Morgan, Systems Librarian, North Carolina State
        Christa Reinke, Assistant Serials Librarian, University of
        Beth Weston, Coordinator of Serials Acquisitions, University
           of Delaware

#13  Is it Tweaking or Catalog Enrichment?:  Choices In Reshaping
     Serial Cataloging Copy

        Carroll Nelson Davis, Serials Cataloger, Columbia University
        Kay Teel, Serials Cataloger, New York University

#14  The Journal Pricing Season: The Publisher, Subscription Agent
     and Librarian's Viewpoint

        Tina Feick, Senior Serials Specialist, Blackwell's Periodical
        James Mouw, Head of Serials, University of Chicago
        John W. Breithaupt, Director-General, Marketing and
           Association Management Services, Allen Press

#15  .....And Then it Happened:  Effect of Changes in the Serials
     Information Environment on the Small to Medium Size Academic

        Gale Teaster-Woods, Head, Serials Acquisitions/Cataloging,
           Winthrop University
        Martin Gordon, Acquisitions Librarian, Franklin & Marshall
        Kathleen Sweet, Library Assistant, Phoenix College

#16  Workshop Ergonomics and Computer Calisthenics

        Frances C. Wilkinson, Head, Serials Department, University of
           New Mexico

#17  Problem Solving Workshop Based on Total Quality Management
     (TQM) Principles

        Richard Lynch, Director of Quality, The Faxon Company

#18  Job Hunter's Workshop: How to Find and Land the Right Job, and
     Surviving the Transition

        Rosanna M. O'Neil, Chief, Cataloging Department, Pennsylvania
           State University
        Ann Vidor, Head, Catalog Department, Emory University