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Mixed Media Serials (David W. Manning) ANN ERCELAWN 23 Mar 1994 22:27 UTC

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 15:58:03 -0400
From: "David W. Manning" <DMANNING@ADMIN.STMARYS.CA>
Subject: RE: Mixed media serials

Our library has recently been receiving mixed media items, primarily
'supplements' to print material ordered as monographs and as serials.
Examples would be a journal issue that includes an audio cassette
(FRANCAIS DANS LE MONDE); journal issues that include video cassettes
(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL); and books as well as magazine issues that
include computer disks (REVIEW OF INCOME AND WEALTH).
Our journal collection is catalogued but unclassified and all issues
circulate ( both recent [i.e. loose issues] and the bound volumes. {{
Journals are circulated separately from our automated system.  }}
We plan to keep the master copy of the media item, and a circulating
duplicate copy, in a special cabinet at the Circulation desk and
affix a label in the back of the print item saying something like
The duplicate copy would be loaned-out with the print item.
At this point we intend to attach a 'banner' to the circulating media
item to alert circulation staff not to sensitize or desensitize the
media items for our security system as this can damage the cassettes
and computer disks.  Having the media item returned with the print
issue is also a concern.
Have other libraries tackled this issue and devised creative ways to
manage the storage and circulation dilemmas that ensue??
I would be grateful to receive your wisdom.
Feel free to respond directly to me.  Thank you.

David W. Manning
Head of Acquisitions
Patrick Power Library               Phone:  (902) 420-5535
Saint Mary's University             FAX:    (902) 420-5561
Halifax, N.S., CANADA  B3H 3C3      e-mail:
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